Hey it’s Philip (founder of Magnify The Solution, and Co-Founder of The Quantum King).

So here’s a bit more about me:

When I got my start online I was a concert promoter working in Nashville by day and leveraging the internet to grow my artist management business by night.

I later worked my way up through the ranks in one of the fortune 500’s top software companies, Intuit by employing smart system hacks.

During that time, I wore many hats including Sales Engineer, and Product Manager. My favorite project was helping to design Tesla’s quality assurance line software. Cars would literally come off an automated assembly line onto a bamboo wood floor where our software would be used to ensure that they were blemish flee before being shipped off to customers.

Getting to go out to their headquarters to see this in action after designing it from afar was an unreal experience, and being offered the chance to test-drive a prototype was just the icing on the cake!

After making the jump to entrepreneurship I rapidly scaled a “fixer upper” hearing practice from less than a 100K to over half a million in revenue in less than three years.

We are well on our way to the magical million dollar mark with this business, and Janice and I are doing this in  a way by which we are in full integrity with the needs of our patients and the lifestyle we enjoy for ourselves.

In less than a year and a half we have also been able to build a nice consulting business around teaching other hearing practice owners how to do the same.

This has allowed us more personal freedom to experience the world and explore whats true for us right now.

Through all of these adventures, the common thread has been leveraging my strength as a tech wizard to create leverage and embrace opportunities that others simply couldn’t see.

Most recently I’ve found my passion using these very same skills to support conscious business leaders and entrepreneurs in doing work that is really focused on leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Once you’ve started to experience some success, you realize theres a whole lot more to be accomplished on a soul level than just making more money – and for me that means being of my highest service to humanity and expanding consciousness.

And in fact – this work is of such a higher degree of importance given the state of our current shared reality on this planet.

Once I focus my creative energies and inspiration on a new business challenge, I’ve always been able to drive results rapidly.

I am now creating a community where I can share my latest findings of whats working right now online with others, and support you in creating more R.O.I. (Ripple of Impact, credit Marc Angelo Coppola) through the implementation of effective online marketing systems and strategy.