An Affordable (and Delightful) Alternative to Typeform1 min read

Something I’ve observed with my clients is that there is often a lot of redundancy in their online toolkit all in the name of very specific one-off use cases.

For example, Gravity Forms is sort of the defacto and most powerful form builder for WordPress right now. If you are doing forms on WordPress, theres a pretty strong chance that’s what you are using.

But many people who use Gravity Forms also pay for Typeform which is an ongoing subscription service priced at $70+ a month for their Pro Version (what most people are going to need).

So recently, I came across LastForm, which is a super-cool WordPress plugin that actually styles Gravity Forms and allows you create the same experiences that you typically would use TypeForm to accomplish.

In my excitement I wanted to share this, but I’ll be honest I’m still testing viability of this solution.At $67 one-time, this is extremely attractive, but I just need to give more of a whirl to ensure there aren’t too many bugs going on.

The reviews seem to be positive:

Check out the LastForm Reviews.

More on my thoughts in this quick video:


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