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As a transformational entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of choices to make in your business, and one of the most important ones to make is where you want to make your “digital” home.  If you are making less than 5K monthly in your business, I’d recommend creating a simple landing page with Convertri, until it makes sense to make a larger investment in platform. – Remember – no tech for tech’s sake!

That being said, this article is really speaking to the coach or entrepreneur who HAS exceeded this revenue milestone and is looking to make decisions now that will set them up for continued ability to grow, scale, and create more impact with their business.

I talk a lot about this idea of “Big Business, Small-Tech” where it’s not about having ALL the tech and systems, it’s about having what is appropriate in THIS moment to create leverage that propels your business forward towards the NEXT moment.

So with that big idea in mind, if you are over the 5K revenue milestone, it’s almost certain that you should be building your website on WordPress so that you are developing an “owned” asset in your business – social media platforms change overnight, but having a consistent place to call your own, and direct attention will ensure that you are able to control your own narrative long-term

And if you are going to build your website on WordPress, your choice of hosting has a HUGE effect on your site’s performance and reliability.

In this post, I’ll share some quick tips on how to choose your WordPress host to ensure that your next “tech nightmare” doesn’t ensue 🙂

Not to scare you, but getting this single decision right will have a HUGE impact on your day-to-day activities and ability to maintain your site with ease.  Of course, you can always migrate your site later, but this could easily become your first tech nightmare that would be best avoided from the start if at all possible.


So I’m actually going to keep this super simple for you. If you ask a lot of techies about hosting, there’s often a ton of emphasis placed on the “type” of hosting for WordPress, and while there could be nuances for 1% of businesses out there, for 99% of users, there is not.

Essentially if the difference is important to you, you probably already know why. So I’m going to assume that’s not you.

🚀 The Recommendation: Managed Cloud Hosting w/ WPengine.

While it’s a newer technology, cloud hosting is a super popular way to host your site. Managed cloud hosting is when a company manages your server administration on your behalf. Think of it as having a whole concierge development team at your disposal 100% dedicated to keeping your site online without hiccups.

A managed platform enables you to focus on your business rather than complex server management, while taking advantage of all the benefits of speed and reliability that come with using cloud hosting.

Another huge benefit here? It’s super easy to “scale up” as your website traffic increases, so that you are never paying for more than you need at any given time, yet have the flexibility to grow fast if one of your posts goes viral.

A good managed WordPress host like WPengine will also take care of a lot of important maintenance and optimization tasks for you including:

  • Backups – automatic daily backups so you can roll your site back effortless with one click should you make a big mistake.
  • Updates – You don’t have to mess with core server updates or find a contractor to deal with this. It’s all taken care of “behind the scenes”, including ensuring plugin compatibility checks.
  • Performance Optimization – Making sure your site loads fast and performs well under increased traffic loads.
  • Security – A managed solution takes care of scanning for malware and viruses, making sure that your data stays safe.

WPengine isn’t the only name in this space, but they have been who I have trusted my sites to for more than 3 years with ZERO issues.

Managed Cloud Hosting is a bit more expensive than the cheaper “shared” type of hosting that someone like GoDaddy offers, but TRUST me – hosting is not the area of your tech stack that you want to skimp on. Take it from me and thank me later 🙂

Time is money and every second you spend fiddling with backups or trying to manage web development contractors is time you could be growing your business and creating more impact.

And if you already have a WordPress site, but would like to experience the benefits of a managed cloud solution?

WPengine offers an extremely migration path at no additional cost to you.


🌎 Technology and Data Center Locations

Depending on the line of work that you do, you might have industry specific restrictions on where your data can be stored. Again – you would probably know this already if this impacts you, but in this case it’s important to ask where your data is stored.

Additionally, the physical location of data centers impacts the load speed of your site based on how far your audience is from the site. That is, you want to be able to use a physical data center that’s as close as possible to your target market.

For example, if you’re targeting Germans, you want a host that lets you use a server in Germany, not the USA.

📞 Customer Support

No matter how reliable your hosting vendor is, you are going to need support at some point. It’s just going to happen. You are going to want access to 24/7 support ideally with Ticketing, Chat, AND phone.

I’m going to stress this last point.  There is nothing more comforting when something has gone awry than to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a real-live human.  This is another thing that is often missing if you skimp on hosting.

Don’t do it.

Even the best of us make mistakes, and there have been times where my palms were sweating and my heart was racing – as I asked myself “did I literally just delete my site???”. Having the right support team in place to talk you off the ledge and more importantly get you back on track is mission critical.

Want to skip doing the research yourself and just go with the best host?

Check Out WPengine to Get Started

For most entrepreneurs and business owners, you will likely be going with the “Startup” or “Growth” plan.  The main decisions are around number of monthly visitors to your site and number of sites you wish to host.  

And remember – you can always scale up, so simply pick the one that is the best fit for where your business is right now.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!

I’d love to be able to support you in making the right hosting decision for your online business.

*It’s important to disclose:

Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you, and in many cases the offers I am linking to are better than “retail” if you were to navigate directly to a vendor’s site. That being said, these recommendations are being made with the true intention to shortcut your learning and execution process in service of getting your business on a strong growth trajectory.


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