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Recently I’ve been focused on upping my ability to apply storytelling to my writing, as I truly believe this is one of the most profitable skills one can develop as an entrepreneur.  

Especially in today’s world where our ability to connect on a personal level can truly be a HUGE factor in differentiating our products and services from industry giants.

As such, I’ve been studying materials from the greats, and recently invested in a course from Andre Chaperon, who is an expert-level copywriter and all-around smart marketer – someone I definitely admire.  

In fact, his website is one  I’ve modeled my own after as I appreciate the simplicity of it.

The design inspiration really helped strike the balance of having the essential elements, but also not going totally minimalist like Leo from Zen Habits, who has also been a huge inspiration in how he shows up with his offerings. – Anyways a bit of a sidebar tangent here.

Back to our regular programming.

Have you ever had the experience of investing in a program or training, fully convinced that THIS was going to THE THING that finally gave you that breakthrough you were looking for in your business?

Maybe for some of you, it was even the Facebook course I released last year – if you didn’t complete it, you know who you are 🙂

As a course creator, it’s a known fact that only something like 3% of people who buy trainings will actually finish them, but surely no one invests in themselves with this intent at the start.

So where do people go wrong?

Have you ever been one of the 97% percent who failed to follow through with implementing something new that they have learned?

I know  I’ve been there.

Nothing to be ashamed of, however I’d like to share a strategy I recently learned from Andre’s program that might help – If we want to get meta – I’m actually doing one of the steps right now in writing this article 🙂

One of the things that Andre teaches early on in the program is the idea that learning only takes place when there is a behavior change.

To create this behavior change, there’s actually a 6-step process that can take you from being part of the majority of people who fail to execute, to really getting the big wins you are looking for in your business.

If you apply these practically the next time you set a goal to learn a new skill, you’ll quite effortlessly increase your output and get exponential gains.

Here they are:


Here’s the thing. You’ve got to do the work. There’s simply no way around it.  All those promises on the checkout page when you are deciding to purchase a program.  The dirty little secret of high achievers (or should be quite obvious) is that if you don’t show up fully, and create the space to do the work, a whole lot of nothing is going to happen.

Read the book. Take the course. Make time for learning.  Schedule it on your calendar. I block an hour a day for what I call going into the “learning lab”.  You have got to get the reps in and move your ideas and goals something experiential rather than theoretical.


Once you have put in the time to absorb a concept, you’ve got to make it uniquely yours. A great place to start here is to think about how an idea fits into the frameworks and processes that you already have in place.

How can you apply a new idea in a way that truly adds value to your business, rather than just either a: just doing something blindly because some “guru” told you it was a good idea, or b: simply moving on to the “next thing” without giving it much more though.

Spend some time internalizing what you have learned in a way that gives you fresh insight about the problem you were looking to solve in the first place.


Once you have decided where a new learned concept can provide value in your business, it’s time to put it to use!  This is where a TON of people fail to execute. They complete the course module, take some notes, think through how to apply the idea…then a whole lot of nothing.

You’ve got to get out there into the wild and put what you are learning to use! I’m not trying to set you up for failure here, but get comfortable with the strong possibility that what you are putting into practice is going to be ugly at first.  

Do you think the first time I ran a Facebook Ad or set up an automated sales campaign, it came out beautifully? NO! In fact, there’s a direct correlation between the number of perceived “failures” I’ve had and the big win’s I’ve been able to create in my own businesses. So don’t be afraid to make a mess of things, and take a swing!

This is where the magic all begins to unfold.

Real growth happens here.


I love this quote from greek writer Niko Kazantzais:

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”

This concept is actually quite simple.

Your ability to share what you are learning is how you can really make an idea concrete in your own mind.

And you don’t have to feel like a fraud for sharing something that you only recently just learned yourself.  We are always just one step ahead or behind when it comes to any experience in life, and your ability to be the bridge that shares your unique perspective from the vantage point you hold is what will make you instantly relatable to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and worry less about whether you get it right, and more on being of service.  

Nothing will help you internalize and activate ideas faster than teaching them to someone else.

Win Win!


As you apply what you are learning, inevitably you are going to experience success, as well as perceived failures and setbacks – these are really just an opportunity to take it all as feedback and improve the process.

Think of it like a loop.

Learn > Implement > Improve > Learn


Once you have implemented something new into your business, and optimized it to a place where you are experiencing a consistent, positive outcome, it’s time to think about how you can get it off your plate so you can rinse and repeat this entire process outlined here, as a means for continual improvement.

Are there ways you can outsource or automate what you have created so that you don’t have to be tied to the ongoing execution?

Can you delegate the work to your team, contractors, or perhaps automate the work if it’s a repetitive task that technology can help manage?

This is a powerful way you can extend the value of your learning journey for not only yourself, but for the people that you serve in your business.  

This last piece is so critical.  

It’s how you create the space in your business to continue to go back to the well for inspiration and stay on a strong trajectory of up-leveling your capabilities.


Making the decision to learn a new idea or skill is only as good as what you do with it.

And what I have described in this article is a very simple framework you can put to use to get out of “idea mode” and into “creation mode”.  

I challenge you to think of one area of your life or business where you have wanted to up-level your own skillset, and haven’t quite hit the mark.

Can you see where this process might hold the keys to your success?

If this resonates, I’d love to know where you plan to apply what you have just learned – don’t stay stuck!


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